Frequently Asked Question

Why an application?

Due to VRChat's Terms Of Service/Community Guidelines, VRChat expects that all traffic to their API is coming from YOU, so that means all traffic through the app that interacts with the VRChat API comes from your IP address

I have some security concerns

It's good to have these concerns, but in regards to the application all account related activity is only on your device, and once you've been logged in it will keep your credentials stored in a local cookie for further use with the application, this will never leave your device

Im unable to log into the application

First try both email and username, also you cannot use the application if you do not meet VRChat's uploading permissions, but if your still unable to log in there is a current text encoding issue in regards to passwords having special characters, most characters work, so far we have found only '%' to not work. As little as we would like to suggest this but resetting your password will resolve this (this is a major bug and is currently being worked on)

A creator is only offering upload only why?

Making it upload only is up to the creator, we have no say in how they wish to use our service

Does the application steal data?

No as stated above all account related activity is coming from your local device and only interacts with VRChat's API, we also encourage people who have their concerns to use a packet monitoring program and you will find very quickly that we do not steal any data, and even in the event we need some form of data we have a section in our Terms of service to ensure data security

Can you access my VRChat account?

No there is no way for us to access your VRChat account remotely in any manner, and if VRChat were to think otherwise we follow VRChat's API policies and sign every request with a contact email, so VRChat can contact our team to help resolve this issue

When should i expect the email for my upload code?

An email will be sent to the one you provided on the purchasing platform you used, make sure to check your junk/spam folder, the email is sent from, if its still not there your payment might still be processing, but it should not take too long, in the event you still don't have an email contact